WELLBEING – How to Stay Positive

Life isn’t perfect. Sometimes things happen which bring you down and it can be hard to pick yourself up. However, if life was perfect how boring would that be hey?

How to deal with an issue

When you are feeling down about one thing, you can get trapped in a vicious cycle of negativity and start feeling down about several things which you weren’t really focusing on or putting a negative light on when you were in a good place. However, this can be avoided! Try just focusing on that one thing that brought you down initially and don’t drag other things into your negativity. Focus on that thing and think:

  1. How can you solve the issue or feel better about it? Ask for advice if needed.
  2. Remind yourself that it won’t be an issue forever and the bad feeling will pass or get better.
  3. Deal with the issue now and don’t try avoid it, otherwise it may affect you in a future and will be harder to deal with.

What to do when you feel sad for “no reason”

Occasionally, we feel low and we can’t pinpoint what is causing our negative vibe. Sometimes there is a specific reason so try work out what this is so you can deal with it. Other times, we feel like there is NO REASON WHATSOEVER and we just feel randomly sad… ANNOYING right?! However, there is a way to stop this negative vibe.

99% times I feel negative for no reason is because I am bored. My brain isn’t busy enough so it starts focusing on little things that I usually don’t have time to think about and they make me feel negative. So rule number 1 to stay positive = keep yourself a buuuusy bee! I roughly plan my day every morning to make sure I leave the house at least once a day and have something to do every day. This can be work, a hobby, calling a friend, carrying out sport/ exercise or seeing friends or family.

How to stop stress making you feel negative

Stress is also a massive cause of negativity. So, how to avoid or deal with stress?

  1. Stay organised. Make a list of things you have to do and write down important dates in your calendar to make sure you don’t forget them.
  2. Plan out your weeks if you have a lot to do, to make sure you have enough time to do everything throughout the week and you don’t have to pack everything into one day. This will ensure all your tasks are spread out evenly throughout the week so you have time to rest as well.
  3. Mindfulness. Accept the fact you are stressed and think to yourself “I am stressed, but it is okay”. This will stop you getting more worked up about it leading to further stress. Relax, breathe and push through it. You will get everything you have to done and if you don’t it is completely okay! You are only human! Mindfulness is a key path towards a positive lifestyle.



Love, Sarah xx.

Published by foodnaticblog

My name is Sarah and I am a BSc Nutrition & Food Consumer Science graduate, who also is a massive Foodie! I am here to share Recipes for Health. This involves a collection of food recipes, nutrition advice and mental wellbeing tips, allowing you to reach your best possible health. Health is not just physical; optimal mental health is also crucial for a successful life. This is why I not only share recipes and nutrition knowledge, but I also share ways on how to take care of your mental health. You will find as well my own personal foodie reviews and travel experiences which will give you ideas of foods to try and places to visit!

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