REVIEW – ‘The Locals’, Chelsea

I visited the prettiest café a few weeks ago called ‘The Locals’ in Chelsea, London. As you walk in, you feel like you are stepping into an ultra modern rainforest with an incredible display of vibrant green plants. One of the main reasons why I wanted to visit this café was because of how bright it seemed inside. No one likes a dark restaurant, and this café is definitely far from that. The main part of the building is all glass so a great amount of light gets in, perfect for the amazing collection plants to grow. And a brighter room, means a happier Sarah!


The food was so good and definitely worth the few extra pounds you may have saved making it at home! I opted for poached eggs with goats cheese, avocado, chilli and spinach on toast. The eggs were cooked to perfection and the best part was of course, the runny yolk… who doesn’t love a runny yolk? I never would have thought of having cheese with eggs, but it is now my new favourite thing! The flavours and textures go so well together; the cheese melts slowly in your mouth along with the warm yolk of the egg, running along the cheese. Avocado with chilli is also a match made in heaven, especially when combined with eggs.


My sister went for folded eggs with tomato, feta cheese and spinach on toast. This one was also a winner! We are still trying to work out how they fold their eggs into such pretty layers and make them look like a piece of art!


I am a massive fan of coffee and trying out new flavours of coffee, so when I saw ‘rose latte’ on the menu I had to have it. The coffee looks beautiful and is garnished with the prettiest rose petals. In terms of taste, not something I would go for again. However, it has the most unique flavour and I definitely would recommend trying.


Go check out their Instagram @thelocals_cafe and let me know what you think!

Sarah – X

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My name is Sarah and I am a BSc Nutrition & Food Consumer Science graduate, who also is a massive Foodie! I am here to share Recipes for Health. This involves a collection of food recipes, nutrition advice and mental wellbeing tips, allowing you to reach your best possible health. Health is not just physical; optimal mental health is also crucial for a successful life. This is why I not only share recipes and nutrition knowledge, but I also share ways on how to take care of your mental health. You will find as well my own personal foodie reviews and travel experiences which will give you ideas of foods to try and places to visit!

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