Hi people! Most of you probably know me from my Instagram account Foodnatic

CaptureFor those who don’t, my name is Sarah and I am a massive Foodie! I created my food Instagram account to share quick and easy meals which are both nutritious and tasty. Even though I absolutely adore cooking and experimenting in the kitchen; eating out and trying out different restaurants, cafés and food markets, is what gets me truly excited. Especially when this involves travelling far from my home town (travelling is one of my biggest passions)! And the best part is posting the pics after and sharing my experience with you guys. I also love sharing my views on upcoming trends, sports and exercise, brands and nutrition ‘fads’, and will always remind my readers that not everything you see on TV or social media is true. So, you shouldn’t let society’s standards define you- LOVE YOURSELF! A positive outlook on yourself and life will get you very far.

I thought a blog would be the perfect way to share more detailed posts and talk about many more topics and experiences which I would love to discuss and share with you all.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

Sarah -xx




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